Nemesis Mistress

Aria is stuck in a lesbian domination trap. Her friend lured her into the Allegheny Mountains for an extended weekend stay at a luxury cabin only for Aria to discover her high school nemesis waiting for her, intending to force her to submit. Mercy wants to tame and train her. Mercy the Merciless has been pretty successful so far! Aria needs to hang on to heterosexuality and independence for just another two nights and one day to escape. But can she hang on that long? Mercy thinks she is Aria’s sexual Mistress and Aria is already having a hard time disagreeing.
Mercy has dark plans for Aria. The best revenge is a sexual revenge! Revenge for what? They were on the same volleyball team and Mercy didn’t get around to nailing Aria while succeeding in dominating the rest of the team. To someone as psycho as Mercy, that is plenty reason enough for revenge!
Mercy keeps Aria on edge, on the precipice of total submission and often on the cliff’s edge of orgasm. She has Aria and Aria’s friend obeying her orders including being nude at all times and keeping their hands clasped together behind their backs as if they are tied up. It’s amazing the things they can be forced to do without hands to please their Mistress Mercy!
This book is a dark erotic romance, a lesbian dom and subs menage a trois, and a psychological thriller. It is hardcore sexually graphic.

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