MURDER IN DALLAS, November 22-24, 1963

Conspiracy theories unravel: Multiple gunmen, altered testimonies, and two Oswalds revealed.

A pack of lies. That is what the so-called Warren Commission Report is. There was no “lone gunman” – there were at least seven shooters, none of whom was ‘Lee Harvey Oswald’. Three bullets were not fired by ‘Oswald’ – at least eighteen were, in three volleys, including an exploding bullet that blew apart JFK’s head. JFK and Gov. Connally were not hit by a “magic bullet” – they were hit by at least six bullets.

Involved in the conspiracy and cover-up that resulted in the first U.S. coup d’etat in history were men in the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, Dallas police, Secret Service, Texas oil men, the American Mafia and Corsican hit men, ant-Castro Cuban exile groups and many others too numerous to count.

Culled from the almost sixty year research by thousands of citizen investigators, from government and other documents and numerous witnesses known only to a few, this book focuses on what happened on the ground in Dealey Plaza, Dallas on November 22, and the days before and after. Exposed are several ‘legends’ (lies) created by the CIA, the perfidy of the FBI, the cover-up by numerous members of the Dallas police department, not to mention alteration of witness testimony, intimidation of witnesses, and the falsification of JFK’s autopsy.

Finally, that there were TWO Lee Harvey Oswalds, both CIA agents, one who helped to kill JFK and murdered police officer Tippit, the other who was used as a patsy and murdered by Jack Ruby.

This is the companion volume to Doppelgänger: The Legend of Lee Harvey Oswald, also by George Schwimmer Ph.D. Murder In Dallas exposes the most complex murder mystery in the history of the United States. 58,400 words, 68 striking images.

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