MC: Boxed Set 1-4 Kindle Edition

The MC Books 1-4
Knight: Steve Knight is autistic. The government taught him a singular focus and he uses all he learned to protect the only family that ever accepted him. When he meets Jess, he learns how to love. With no conditions to that love he accepts and fights the disease that threatens to take her mobility away.
Wars are not only with gangs in Steve’s world. He shows his Brothers what Badass means.

LaPonte: Danny is a player, it’s that simple. He comes back to the Club and loses himself in Club chicks and whores. When Kate realizes he’s not all in she walks leaving Danny scrambling to get her back. As domestic violence takes center stage, Kate is seen in a new light and shows the MC that Badass is not

LaPonte-Karr: Rich is back and Patches can’t be happier. He’s thrown when Rich brings a slave home. The MC bought her freedom but Rich and Patches are tasked with keeping her and her visions safe. The Brothers teach Tess about life, love and family and Tess teaches Patches what strong really is.

Pres: Ben James lives for his Club and community with a vision for a better world but he does it alone. His life derails when Danny asks him to become a partner with him and Kate. Danny has to teach Ben what all in means before Kate’s deadline. Pres has never been on shakier ground.

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