Man Out of Time

Her life is on the line, but she doesn’t know it. He needs a change or he may go mad. Don’t miss this Paranormal, historical fiction with romance, betrayal, and an unforgettable and powerful goddess.

In 2008 Doctor turned Actor, Doug Coleman is thrust into the spotlight against his will. A chance encounter with a gypsy sends him into a simpler time. But not knowing how long he might be there makes him hesitant to fall in love.

In 1868, Elizabeth can’t stand the pompous jerk who insists on courting her. When she’s rescued by a handsome stranger, she wonders if he might be her soulmate.

Sparks fly between them every time they meet, especially when he sees through her manly disguise. Giving in might mean he’s stuck in the past forever, but would that really be so bad? When he realizes that she’s in trouble, he will do anything to keep her safe, even if that includes leaving.

Man Out of Time is a sizzling Time Travel Romance that will leave you breathlessly turning pages to see what happens next. If you like a steamy romance with piping hot chemistry, believable heroines, villains who get what they deserve, then you’ll love this magical story. Get your copy today and see what readers are raving about.

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