Lydia and The Talisman

This story is the beginning of the journey of two young children, who are unknowingly crucial to the survival of a race of beings. A race that is the foundation of everything good in the world. Their heritage, and their quest, is revealed to them in this first book but the adventure will take many years, risk and hardships. With the help of their many alliances they find love, security and something that neither of them even knew existed. The story reveals their blood lines past, as well as what will be required of them in the future. Dark forces have been aware and searching for centuries for the chosen ones who are prophesized to end their evil against mankind. They must overcome these dark forces and find the means to destroy them forever. Their destiny was formed when humans were cast out into the wilderness. The race they are to save were the Watchers that ensured the survival of these humans. Their biggest challenge will be to remain stoic and have the courage to finish their quest.

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