Leveraging Digital Transformation: Proven Leadership and Innovation Strategies to Engage and Grow Your Organization

Leveraging Digital Transformation by M. Nadia Vincent is a practical guide for business executives, C-levels, digital transformation leaders, and IT managers alike as they implement digital transformation in their organizations or businesses.

In this book, you will learn about:
1. Creating your transformative vision for sustainable organizations and businesses
2. Facilitating self-transformation for leaders so they inspire individual transformations and engagement in their organizations
3. Creating environments that are efficient and promote business innovation and disruption
4. Empowering leaders with a progressive mindset so they embrace change and make better personal, business, and digital choices
5. Innovating using breakthrough digital business strategy
6. Digitally enabling organizations for faster deliveries and increased business performance
7. Converting digital transformation and innovation into a lucrative investment for increased ROI
8. Adopting and implementing artificial intelligence for the new business intelligence.

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