Lactating Lesbian Dictator

American Ambassador and hot MILF, Margot Parrow, is a stranger in a strange land. Her and her adult daughter.
There’s a new country with a valuable resource all the world wants. Breast milk! The women of the matriarchal society all lactate constantly at adulthood and this breastmilk is special. It makes babies develop genius intelligence! The Rambikkuns will only supply one nation with their excess breast milk and that nation will inevitably eventually become the world leader and the dominant world power. Even if it’s Bulgaria!
The Queen of the Rambikkuns chooses which diplomats other countries, desperate for Rambikkun milk, send to her. She chooses only sexy MILFs and requires that they bring their beautiful adult daughters with them.
Gee, I wonder why?
You won’t wonder for long.
The Queen wants an international lesbian harem of mother and daughter breastmilk gulpers. The Queen cares nothing that these women are straight heterosexuals.
Soon many of these female ambassadors will also care nothing about their heterosexuality….
American Ambassador Margot Parrow and her daughter Journee are highly desired redheads. Can they figure out what is going on in time? Will they submit or resist?
Hardcore sex! Graphic details! Intense heat! Shocking behavior!

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