Jasmine (A Lt. Kate Gazzara Novel Book 1)

What would you do if someone murdered your teenage daughter?


It seems like I’ve been a cop all my life, almost twenty years, eighteen of them as a detective. And I’ve seen some terrible things, things that to this day keep me awake at night. Jasmine was one of the worst.

They discovered the body stuffed into a concrete pipe. She’d been there for more than a week. The daytime temperatures were in the high 90s. It was the kids who found her, drawn to her by the… well, you get the idea. Who was she? Who put her there? It was my first case as lead detective. Finding the killer was problem enough. Dealing with the grieving family who thought they knew who it was and were determined to dispense their own twisted brand of justice, that was something else.

It’s Kate Gazzara’s first case. It could be her last. Can she solve it before the killer strikes again?

Jasmine is the riveting first novel in Blair Howard’s best-selling Lt. Kate Gazzara series of police procedurals. If you like strong women, impossible odds, and complex mysteries, then you’ll love this absorbing series opener.


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