Improper Mage

Defying norms, Liana's magic attracts a vampire king's dangerous proposal.

Liana Monroe considered herself the most talented mage in all of Triaedian. Too bad no one else did. They only cared about how imperfect she was compared to her two lovely sisters. And with a new courting season upon them, Liana once again feels the weight of high society stifling her dreams to be a respected mage instead of a dutiful wife. That was impossible though. Women weren’t allowed to study magic.

Everything changes after the ruthless vampire king, Damien Ashwood, stumbles upon her performing advanced magic. She expects punishment. Expects any chance at freedom to be torn away from her because only males are allowed to practice higher magic. But he does something far worse. The king proposes.

Fighting to maintain some semblance of control over her life despite the king’s plans to wed her, all while an old threat of rebellion makes a resurgence in the kingdom, Liana struggles to hide her powerful and chaotic magic. Now she must choose between the private and independent life she always dreamed of or embrace the king and the power she’d been blessed with to save her kingdom.

**Ages 18+
***Cliffhanger ending. Book 1 of 3 in the Improper trilogy.

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