I Wanna Get Next to You

In the eleventh novel of the Forever Woman series, I Wanna Get Next To You: the loving story of Miss Nonni & Courtney, Miss Nonni meets Courtney aka Corky while babysitting Percy and MB’s new baby. Their attraction to each other is undeniable, but not everyone approves of this budding romance, least of all Maria, Miss Nonni’s granddaughter.

Corky is hesitant to become involved with Miss Nonni, not because of their age difference, but because Maria is so against her grandmother becoming involved with an obvious playgirl. This infuriates Miss Nonni, who has to point out that she is a grown woman!

Things come to a head between Maria and Corky, and, sadly, Miss Nonni is forced to take sides. Will Miss Nonni have to choose between family, and love and marriage, or can Corky smooth things over?

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