Hold On to the Love: Forbidden Love

Hold On to the Love - Forbidden Love
Book Description:

Hold On to the Love – Forbidden Love
What do you do when you meet your soul mate while you’re married to someone else? Synchronicity is always at work.

Stefano is an artist who meets Roselyn, a fashion account executive, in a business meeting and when they shake hands, they feel a spark.

Innocent texts lead to sensual dreams. They can’t stop thinking about each other. One too many coincidences bring them together for a kiss that sends electricity through their veins and into the bedroom for a sensual night of amazing passion.

They feel a deep connection. They know they have been together many times through many lifetimes. They have a soul relation.

Roselyn’s husband hasn’t touched her in five years, but when he learns of the affair, he threatens Stefano’s life. He is a powerful business executive with deep ties to the people who can make Stefano disappear.

Love is eternal. We carry those feelings with us from life to life.

If we are lucky, we are able to find our true soul connection with whom we share that love.

~Language, Nudity, Sensual Love, Violence and lots of Romance

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