Hitting the Road Without a Map

The story of a trip with a goal – but virtually no plan

There was a time way back in their past when the two intrepid travelers may well have walked out of a bar and commenced upon an unscripted journey, with or without the permission of the RV owner. Those adventures, fueled by the inhibition lowering properties of alcohol and mind-altering substances, plus the character defects of selfishness and self-centeredness, typically ended in shame and remorse, or in the worst cases, tragically. That is no longer the sort of life either one of them lives today.

The whole trip was blessed by God, and that I truly believe. Who I traveled with, where we found ourselves on the journey, and which roads we took, reached far beyond the mere fortuitous. Nothing besides the destination had been planned. Everything else was just made up as we went, and at the end of each day we felt as if there had been some guiding hand in it all.

A travel memoir and a photo essay of a journey from Ohio to Oregon as well as a personal meditation on the nature of relationships, facing fears, and becoming mindful of living in the moment.

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