Her Brother’s Newlywed Dominant Wife

Paige Haynes is coming home to visit her brother but it isn’t a completely happy visit. Her bother, Lincoln, has gotten married and she wasn’t invited to the wedding! They’ve been close and she is protective of him because she’s older and both of their parents have passed away. She wants to get to know Lincoln’s newlywed wife, Myna, and understand the dark influence she has over him.
Be careful what you wish for!
Myna is a mine, mine, mine person. She even wants to make other people, the attractive ones, hers! She already has Lincoln whipped in every sense of the word. Can she complete her collection of the Haynes brother and sister?
She has their house, she has Lincoln and his Lincoln log, and now she wants every page of the Book of Paige. She’ll rip out the ones that don’t serve her needs! Myna has a plan to make Paige entirely hers in every way. Can Paige see it unfolding and resist in time?
Paige is good, smart, loyal, and responsible. Myna is wicked, selfish, controlling, and dominating. Who wins when an angel faces a devil?
Sexual humiliation, kinky action, hardcore sex, and incredible orgasms!

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