Hannah’s Dad’s Fiancee Dominates Her

Rich young heiress Hannah Hill saw her dad’s fiancée having sex with black workers at the estate and witnessed her call one of them her “Black Master.” She wants them off the estate. But they know she watched and know what she did as she watched. They want all the Hill money and need to seduce and dominate Hannah to get their wicked way.
Can Hannah make them leave? Can they get her to watch again, get turned on again, and self-pleasure herself again? Can they completely compromise the beautiful young woman?
And can Olive, Hannah’s dad’s fiancée, find a way to dominate and humiliate the previously always heterosexual Hannah? Can Olive make Hannah into her do-anything sexual toy? And how much does “do-anything” include?
Will Hannah win out over her potential stepmother, or will she also betray her father, but in a very different way?

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