Godly Romance: Steps Towards A Successful Christian Marriage

This book contains nuggets needed for Christian singles to excel in their pursuit of a godly spouse. The Bible, my personal life experiences, and stories from countless other people have given me confidence that it’s possible to divorce-proof a marriage. Marriage is a very important commitment, and keys to making the right decisions are contained in this book.

Here, you will learn the importance of having a relationship with God prior to marriage, whether a desire for marriage is God’s will for you or not, how certain belief systems limit you from receiving a relationship, and how it’s possible to be with the wrong Christian. You will also learn how you can heal from the effects of sin, and how to pray in order to help position you to walk in holiness, knowledge, purpose, and all God that has for you, so you can have a successful marriage. Walking in God’s will for your marriage is possible. Saying I do will be worth it in Jesus’ name!

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