Four Bittersweet Romances & A Four-Act Closet Drama

“All stories in this book are impressive, so different, yet making an indivisible whole.”– customer review

A slice of romantic realism with two versions of love in play. Maja sends crushes to Calle. He is flattered and infatuated, but cowardice prevents him from approaching Maja. In time, they became friends. Maya is in an unhappy love affair with Jose and has trouble ending it. Calle has much affection for her and intends to help her break the spell Jose has on her.


London in the 60s. A young man becomes the subject of a contentious conversation between Felicity and Ruth. The two girls, American and British, know or claim to know, this young man. Their impressions differ about his character. Felicity and Ruth’s views run counter to a man’s need to impress a woman, which can easily lead to dishonesty. Ruth’s critical reflection on his character is meant to be a warning to Felicity. But whether Felicity and Ruth’s views on the young man are valid remains to be seen.

Amazon Review: “Contemporary, witty, honest and ironic.”


A YA story: Binky is a young romantic man from the Caribbean and Linda, a young Swede. After their friendship in London, Linda invites Binky to Sweden for a holiday. Binky’s hopes are high for a continued love relationship. But there are no guarantees in love.


A tragicomic fantasy tale. Set in the there are no early 70s in two imaginary countries. TeeGee and Vikland. Molly, 45, invites Benji, 40, to visit her country. Benji’s overwhelmed and seizes his first chance to visit another country. Then one day, Benji catches sight of a woman and becomes infatuated with her appearance. He pursuit is anything but conventional. What are his chances?

TELL ME WHO MY ENEMY IS—a four-act closet drama

Berry (an Afro-West Indian) and Gun and Kerstin (two Swedish cronies) are socialising. Sam, the Afro-American in time, barges in on the trio. The two black men air opposing views about what’s it like to live in Sweden. Berry becomes belligerent towards Sam. The girls are surprised by the men’s bickering and animosity towards each other. As time goes on, the two Swedes become part of the passionate conversation.

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