FOUNDED While UFO’s have been reported for decades, some people have gone so far as to search historical records and art works of ancient civilizations for evidence of their existence and visitation in times past. And they have found clues that seem to show this. Are they really here? Are they our benefactors or our worst enemies? And if so, why? Giles Ryleigha, a senior scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories pursuing his own research, and his ex-wife Carol Kilha, have found more answers to these questions than they ever wanted to know. Caught in the cover-up of a system wide crime spree and kidnapping, sought by alien assassins as well as the FBI, and teamed with some of the strangest looking alien races to befriend mankind that you will ever meet, take a journey with humans and aliens as they go on a trip out into the galactic neighborhood and visit the Teklass Hegemony.

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