Flames Of Fate

Rusty Reflections – Amanda Weaver is a high school student determined to succeed away from her arch enemy Erin. Her life becomes an adventure when she meets her future husband.

After getting married, they run away to Parkersburg, West Virginia a haunted town, to start a new life. While there, they meet Morgan Garrison. But Morgan has a haunting dilemma of her own when she is kidnapped by a phantom and Amanda must help solve the mystery of her friend’s disappearance.An

Affair in Bloom – Molly Dew once loved Andy, her husband. But Molly grows tired of her routine after Andy becomes cold and abusive. Finding a way out of the marriage is Molly’s only hope. She wonders if her love life will ever recover. After her child is taken away, she is forced to find a way to better her circumstances.

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