Fake Husband Damaged Billionaire


I’m broke and crashed into a billionaire’s very expensive car.
The only way out is a fake marriage to a playboy billionaire, that I hate.

Despite his deep blue eyes and perfectly chiseled face, Parker is the most arrogant and infuriating man I have ever met.
I don’t know whether to punch him or rip his clothes off.

Maybe both.

Parker need to get married to get the family company.
The wedding license must be real.

Everything else can be fake.

He promises to set me up for life.
We agree it’s “strictly business”.
We play the part perfectly.

Everyone falls for the lie, including me.

I can’t resist him.
Every touch sends shock waves through my body.
I’m in love with the one may I can’t have.
And now I’m pregnant with his child.

Fake Husband Damaged Billionaire is a stand alone, steamy, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, surprise baby, grumpy/sunshine, opposites attract, fake relationship, marriage of convenience damaged billionaire romance with a guaranteed Happily Ever After. It has humor, heart and heat!

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