What is an Editorial Book Review?

An editorial book review (also referred to as a professional book review) evaluates a book written by someone other than the author. Publishers often use it on marketing material like book covers and posters and on the “editorial reviews” section on their Amazon sales page. In addition, reviews from recognized review sites, fellow authors, and experts in the author’s field are often used in editorial reviews.

How can I use an Editorial Book Review?

An Editorial book review can be used at points of sale for your books where customer reviews are not available, such as on the back of your book, on your author’s website, on social media, and in the Editorial Reviews section on your Amazon book page, as well as for use in marketing and press campaigns for your book.

Here are a few examples:

  • You can include a pull quote on your front or back book cover
  • You can add it to your “editorial reviews” section on your Amazon sales page
  • You can use it on your promotional material like social media graphics, bookmarks, posters, trailers, press releases, etc.
  • Publish the full review on your website and announce it on social media to show your social media following what we said about your book
  • You can include a pull quote in your pitches to bookstores, libraries, conferences, other reviewers, etc.

How to get an editorial book review:

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