Dr Maya Protecting You Protecting Us from Infections and Illness

21st CENTURY CRISIS THREATEN HUMANITY Humanity is now facing mortal enemies that surpasses our intelligence. A tiny microscopic enemy has ripped apart families, bankrupting nations and brought us to our knees. As the death toll mounts, our greed, over enthusiastic urge to encourage consultations, perform tests, procedures, hospitalisation and addiction to antibiotics escalate at an alarming rate. More than 95% of patients with symptoms of COVID-19, were prescribed antibiotics resulting in Superbug Pandemic in tandem, that can kill 10 million people every year by 2050. This book was written to share information about common symptoms and provide information to reduce anxiety, wasted consultation, cross infections in hospital or clinics. Delay in consultation due to fear of infections, cost, and false assurance offered by family, friends, nurses, and chemist often result in a devastating complication and death. Dr Maya App will teach how to use three symptom combination to help differentiate well from unwell, make informed decision to go to hospital, speak, consult a doctor nurse or chemist only when necessary. The content of this book provides general information about common medical symptoms and signs. We are updating our information in Dr Maya App. Please download the App, register and empower yourself to protect your family, friends and you. You should not treat this book or our App as a substitute for medical advice offered by your doctor.

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