DOPPELGANGER: JFK's true assassin exposed – Oswald’s innocence, double identity unravelled.

New Edition, April, 2022, with proof that Harvey Oswald was CIA, April, 2022…..THE GREATEST MURDER MYSTERY IN UNITED STATES HISTORY – THE ENIGMA OF LEE HARVEY OSWALD – HAS BEEN SOLVED! TWO ‘LEE HARVEY OSWALDS’ WERE AT THE TEXAS SCHOOL BOOK DEPOSITORY ON NOVEMBER 22, 1963 – ONE WAS AN ASSASSIN ON THE SIXTH FLOOR, THE OTHER WAS A PATSY DOWNSTAIRS ON THE FRONT STEPS!…. Mysteries within mysteries, halls of mirrors, among which is how four assassins, including Lee Oswald, escaped from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, and the real reason that Lee Oswald was a shooter in the TSBD building…. The photographs on the cover show the right side of Lee Oswald’s face (from a 1959 passport photo of ‘Lee Harvey Oswald’) and the left side of the face of ‘Harvey Oswald’ (from his Dallas booking photo in 1963), revealing that these were two different men!…..The key to JFK’s assassination is not the guilt of Lee Oswald, a CIA contract agent – he was guilty of conspiracy, treason and murder – but the innocence of ‘Harvey Oswald,’ an employee of the Texas School Book Depository and an agent of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), the CIA and the FBI, who was murdered by Jack Ruby. Harvey’s innocence demonstrates that there indeed was a conspiracy to murder John Fitzgerald Kennedy…..There are 117 photographs/maps/floor plans, showing where everything took place on November 22 in Dallas, including a blowup of Harvey in the TSBD doorway, as well as a blowup of the face of the man in the “backyard photo,” clearly showing the picture was a forgery. There also are several photographs of the two “Marguerite Oswalds” and the two “Lee Harvey Oswalds,” revealing the doubles…..Exposed also are the lies of Dallas police, the CIA (demonstrating that “Lee Harvey Oswald” never went to the Cuban Consulate and the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City), the FBI (showing ‘Harvey’ and family never lived on Neely Street in Dallas), the Warren Commission, which altered much testimony to comply with its “lone nut” assertion, as well as the lies of several witnesses…..More than 300 sources, including many sworn testimonies & affidavits, were consulted, as well as John Armstrong’s massive research project HARVEY AND LEE. One fact led to another, until a coherent picture began to emerge from the immense pile of puzzle pieces…. That picture includes the background of Harvey as a juvenile immigrant fluent in Russian, and the creation of the second ‘Lee Harvey Oswald’ and the second ‘Marguerite Oswald.’ The picture continues with the recruitment of both Lee Oswald and Harvey Oswald by the ONI and the CIA, followed by Harvey’s assumption of Lee’s identity, his ‘defection’ to Russia, and Lee’s involvement with the Cuban revolution and the CIA…..The legend expands into New Orleans, where Harvey is “sheep-dipped” to seem like a fervent pro-Castro sympathizer and where he begins to be sucked into the Kennedy assassination plot by his renegade CIA handlers. Finally, unable to control his destiny, he winds up on the steps of the Dallas School Book Depository, while Lee Oswald is inside on the sixth floor shooting at the president…..Harvey’s whereabouts on November 22, 1963 are tracked minute by minute, showing that he could not have been where the Warren Commission claimed he was. In the end, of course, Harvey was murdered by the same cabal that killed JFK and was falsely accused by the Warren Commission, the FBI, and the CIA of being a killer and traitor, when it was his accusers who were the killers and traitors…..Once you’ve read this account, you will never again believe that ‘Harvey Oswald’ shot President Kennedy. 63,800 words. See also MURDER IN DALLAS, November 22-24, 1963: What Really Happened. Who were the shooters, how many, real number of shots, real number of wounds, all the lies and ‘legends’.

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