Delusions of Grandeur

Spence Hargreaves has been luxuriating in a local blues festival, held in wintry Malmesbury. It is not quite his god, Eric, but it was pretty good. But then his world is turned upside down as he and his Superintendent receive a bizarre communication. Follow Spence Hargreaves and his team as they are hurled into their latest investigation. ‘Spence’ finds himself drawn into the deluded world of a serial-killer, and this time things get very personal. Will Spence and his team be able to unravel the sick world into which they have been thrust? As things deteriorate, it seems that only disaster looms as a media frenzy threatens to jeapordise the investigation while the killer teases and plays with Spence’s mind.
“Delusions of Grandeur” is the second of the “Spence Hargreaves” stories, following on from “Malicious Obsession”. You’ll be wanting more…

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