Deja Dominates the Daughter (and the Mother)

Can Deja take over the Parrow women, mind and body?
Book Description:

Mother and daughter, Margot and Journee Parrow, beautiful redheads, are not experiencing the positive adventure they expected when Margot was chosen to be the American ambassador to the tiny new African country of Rambikku. It is a matriarchal society with an important resource every country in the world wants: breastmilk that makes babies into geniuses. Margot and Journee have learned the hard way that the Rambikkuns are dominant lesbians bent on bending every ambassador and every ambassador’s adult daughter to their sexual will.
The Parrows expected one kind of adventure and are in the middle of a sexual adventure instead. They expected to command respect from the third worlders but instead have to take commands and are humiliated and are treated like “white savages.”
Both Parrows are nude and sexed up in the Ambassador’s Residence, getting lesbian dominated in bizarre kinky ways, and are becoming more and more submissive to the black dominants who surround them. Even Margot’s diplomatic assistant, Deja, a black woman from America, wants in on the Parrow family. She wants to dominate both mom and daughter!
Will Margot let her assistant dominate her? Will Deja sit triumphantly on her face and force her to serve her, orally please her, and do far more than that?
Will Journee let her mom’s underling, a black woman much older than her, bathe her in sexual humiliation?
Can Deja take over the Parrow women, mind and body?

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