DAMIAN: Unimaginable

Medically discharged from her career as a decorated military intelligence officer, Mack is determined to connect with the little sister she barely knows, only to find Maddie entangled in the same life Mack escaped long ago. An incoherent text in the middle of the night has her storming through the gates of her past to take her little sister to safety. When she finds Damian Donisi, a soldier of the Pride, already on task, she makes the hardest decision of her life. Despite his offer to protect them both, she knows the Pride only protect the innocent. Keeping her past in her past, she walks away, leaving Maddie in his capable hands.

Damian is expecting a seamless extraction, until Mack, Maddie’s estranged sister, storms the gate in her run-down Honda. Although he’s sure she can handle her herself, he intercepts the fearless and fiery redhead, who reluctantly places her confidence in him to do his work. Discovering the cruel and complicated circumstances that have kept these sisters apart, he wants nothing more than to right it. When Mack skips town, entrusting Maddie to him, he suspects that someone from her past chased her away. They’d best be prepared for a fight. They wouldn’t be the only ones chasing her, because the captivating thief left with a little piece of him.

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