CRYPTO CRAZE – BITCOIN – Standard Hard Money of the Future – Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Basics

Crypto craze stands for the predominant kind of emotion that have
surrounded cryptocurrencies thus far. But, how do cryptocurrencies
actually work? How is one supposed to buy them and sell them?
What is crypto investing and how different is it from regular
mainstream investing? Why do people say crypto is like money, but
that it has revolutionized the way money works?
In other words, besides the rush and the curiosity, there are simply
too many unknowns around crypto. It is challenging on a
technological level and also on a financial level, so it seems to go
against the very first rule of good investors: that you should never
put your money on something you don’t understand.
But you’re aware of the potential benefits. That’s why you’re here. So
how should you go about learning about crypto and making it an
investment you do understand?
Throughout this book, I will give you all the basics and give you a
detailed explanation of some of the most technically challenging

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