‘Conan and his Hero Friends.’

This is a story about difference and variety. Being different is special. It’s what makes us unique. We are all different in some way otherwise we would be boring.
A few years ago, Conan had an accident and lost part of his right leg. Now Conan is proud of his prosthetic leg and he can run faster than all his friends. He likes being different. This is why he cannot understand why vegetables and fruit in most shops have to be the perfect size and shape.
In his mother’s vegetable garden, he meets Wolfgang, a lumpy, oversized potato who introduces him to his wonky friends, each being different in shape from the so-called normal appearance. They all want to be accepted and welcomed exactly as they are rather than being rejected as imperfect.
This leads Conan to set up a charity called Variety is the Gift of Life. It’s the beginning of a huge project…
Difference is good… Let’s embrace it!

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