Civil War & Bloody Peace: Following Orders

Take a look into the 1800s army as it moved from one place to the next, following a solder’s orders to uncover why those orders were given. This will take you from the Civil War into Reconstruction and the Indian wars and show you the evolution of attitude, how a divided country coped with trying to unite again, but divisiveness continued under President Grant against taking land from the Indians. Find out what really happened at the Little Bighorn. You’ll understand why we’re still dividied today, as this divided country, up to World War 1, never did find a way to unite until the enemy was outside of us.

This second edition is perfect for high school and college classrooms, and includes a teacher’s guide. Find out how we learn our country’s history only when we understand the attitudes that created it. Attitude is simply WHY things happened the way they did. Is it true Lincoln freed the slaves? That the Civil War lasted as long as it did because of politicians? That Grant forced a defeat at the Little Bighorn? Find these answers and so many more. Along with a classroom guide, the 2nd edition has a better and more targeted index, new material on Grant, and better analysis overall, including an addendum on the Treaty of Fort Laramie. (1st edition print copies are available from author.)

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