Brinlee Comes to the Land of the Lesbians

American ambassador, Margot Parrow, and her youngest daughter, Journee, have fallen into reluctant yet orgasmic sexual submission in the tiny African country of Rambikku. The dominant lesbian natives have a taste for strange and for mother-daughter pairs. They want to seduce and dominate as many beautiful MILF ambassadors and their daughters as they can literally get their hands on. But they also want to nail all of their daughters if there is more than one. Margot has another daughter back in America, her eldest, the blonde beauty Brinlee. They’ve conned Brinlee into coming to Rambikku. Brinlee has no idea what she is in for.
Brinlee leaves her work and her dedicated boyfriend to come on an all-expense paid trip to Rambikku. She won’t have to pay in money, but she may pay a much greater price in a different tender. And the free trip may not be a round trip because the Rambikkuns believe everything should be one way: their way.
They want to add Brinlee to their collection of American hotties, but how can they pull that off? Brinlee is completely heterosexual, is in a great loving relationship, and is so gorgeous she could almost have anyone on the planet as a lover. So why would she want any cruel manipulative foreign black women to sexually dominate her?
She wouldn’t.
Not at first….

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