Lee's escape to LA reveals harsh truths and broken dreams.

Lee tires of living with his abusive, street-preaching uncle and makes an escape from him and the small, rundown town in which he was born. He finds himself in Los Angeles where he soon encounters Father Doyle – a fighting, drinking man of his own few rules. Together, the two survive by stealing what they need until Lee his lured away by Tiffany Lily, a faded TV star making her way back to the top. But life among the super-rich is little better than the tough life on the streets of LA.

This is a gritty study of the American dream turned sour; you can expect strong language throughout and scenes of an adult nature.

“A raw and visceral journey through the alleys and penthouses of America, Big City Secrets is a striking tale of pushing through pain to discover one’s potential. From an abusive childhood and early abandonment issues to complexes around sex, intimacy, money, and success, this book and its sympathetic protagonist shy away from nothing, turning a spotlight on human nature through the smudged and fickle lens of Los Angeles. With gritty, unpolished dialogue that seems like it’s pulled right from the street, and a matter-of-fact style of storytelling reminiscent of Bukowski or Bret Easton Ellis, this is a sleazy, but urgent sermon on the West Coast mount, an unapologetic journey into the dark heart of America’s illusion.” Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

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