Bicultural – Book One: Nations Apart

The eastern world meets the western world when two strangers are stranded on an island in the Caribbean.
Lord Andrew Barton of Scotland and Princess Nzingha from the Kingdom of Kongo find themselves stranded, having to fight against the Natives of the land.
Lord Andrew, aka Captain Drake, is a castaway from a shipwreck that threw him and his men overboard. Leaving him to survive a catastrophic storm. Princess Nzingha escapes being taken from the shores of her Kingdom by pirates.
Both strangers embark on a journey of trust, romance, and betrayal when coming face to face.
Nzingha is Introduced to Drakes’ lands when escaping the Island, where he is then forced to rescue her due to family betrayal. When Lord Andrew arrives in her homeland, he is forced to meet her father, the king of western Africa. He is not pleased with the news about his daughter, the princess.
How will Lord Andrew and Princess Nzingha overcome cultural and racial differences?

Bicultural Series is a collection of Historical Romance based on Adventure, Suspense, and Cultural – Multicultural romance. The series is for mature readers due to situations and themes that may be considered triggers. Reader discretion is advised.*

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