Delving deep into the truth behind infamous true crime legends.

Ever wonder about the truth behind the sensationalized headlines when it comes to history’s most infamous killers?

So did author Jeff Ignatowski, a nationally known speaker on the psychology of serial killers, who turned that curiosity into his meticulously researched collection BEYOND THE HEADLINES: True Crime’s Myths and Legends.

Includes a Foreword by E.J. Hammon

More than a collection of dramatically told true crime stories, Ignatowski’s anthology challenges and explores the integrity of widespread myths surrounding infamous personalities such as Jack The Ripper, Dennis Rader, Elizabeth Bathory, Ed Gein, and Ted Bundy. It provides a deeper understanding of their stories through historical insight, criminological analysis, and a careful separation of fact from fiction.

Having spent years counseling incarcerated youth offenders and studying serial killer psychology through his collaboration with other true crime and forensic psychiatry experts, he examines in BEYOND THE HEADLINES how these narratives have been molded by and, in turn, shaped public beliefs and media representations.

BEYOND THE HEADLINES invites readers to reconsider what they think they know about these “monsters” and their crimes. By challenging conventional narratives, readers will come away with a deeper understanding.

Jeff Ignatowski

JEFF IGNATOWSKI owns Scorpion Lair Games and is the creator of the best-selling KILLERS: THE CARD GAME. He received most of his psychology training while working 12 years with the Department of Juvenile Justice in Kentucky and as a corrections officer. He now travels and speaks on serial killer psychology and various other topics and writes for several magazines

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