Our lives revolved around deception, survival, and escape.
“[Baker, Liar, Con Man, Thief is] a lovely testament to the unbreakable mother-son bond… a captivating true crime thriller with a story of profound love at its heart.” —EVE PORINCHAK, award-winning author of One Cut: The Fight that Cost Six Lives

Step into a dangerous world of cunning and survival with BAKER, LIAR, CON MAN, THIEF: Escaping the Law One Identity at a Time by D.J. Adler

Reminiscent of the hit film Catch Me If You Can, this gripping true story unveils the life of David Adler, a teenager in South Florida in the late 1970s when he embarks on an audacious journey of deception.

It all starts when Adler secures a bank loan to buy a booming local bakery. With no funds to his name, Adler unlocks his talent for forgery and the art of the scam. Alongside his mother and Italian tough-guy stepfather, he navigates a perilous path of crime, crafting false identities to dupe banks, casinos, and even the World’s Fair, accumulating vast sums and dodging law enforcement.

Enter Dianne Symmons, a witty, sarcastic FBI agent obsessed with their capture. After she solves an unrelated airline hijacking case, she is assigned to find the trio and make a case against them. Much easier said than done since each uses hundreds of names and disposes of identities like tissue.

This thrilling narrative is perfect for those who enjoy crime memoirs. It explores the thrilling and perilous life of con artists at work and delves into the complexities of familial bonds, the pursuit of freedom, and the consequences of a life lived on the run.

BAKER, LIAR, CON MAN, THIEF is a masterclass in the psychology of deception that takes the reader on a roller-coaster journey through the underbelly of 1970s America.

DJ Adler

Meet D.J. Adler, Author of BAKER, LIAR, CON MAN, THIEF! It seems that I have lived a hundred different lives. The events in my book, BAKER, LIAR, CON MAN, THIEF: Escaping the Law One Identity at a Time, document one of those lives. In other lives, I was a businessman, an attorney, an NLP therapist, a full-time student, a magician (mentalist), a nightclub savior, and a financial controller for various charitable organizations. I hold master’s degrees in accounting and marketing and a Juris doctorate, which are great toolkits for most of my endeavors. Of course, you can’t have that many lives without being old. I am now seventy. I love classic rock and standard pop. I also love edgy comedy (I have listened to Howard Stern for a long time). I am a news junkie, usually from the mainstream media. I play some guitar. I enjoy karaoke and shopping. Although I am an orphan, my family is my life. At seventy years old, I fear no man, beast, or element. After all, when you reach seventy, a life sentence isn’t much of a threat.

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