Badass Security Council Phoenix Rising : BSC Box One (Badass Security Council (BSC) Book 15)

BSC Boxed Set 4 –
Book 10 is the next installment in the BSC West saga… Justice of the BSC East comes West. Life has never been easy, but happy was a given for the firstborn twin to the James-LaPonte-Lightfoot Princes of Prophecy family. He moved to the BSC West Bravo Club thinking it would all be easier after meeting his old lady.

Nothing in the crazy freak kid shit he grew up with prepared him for Cort or Carmen.
Jump on in and see what’s going on in this installment of Bravo’s 4th Book, Justice: Tenacity.

Web is our next installment in the BSC West saga… BSC book 11, Phoenix Series book 4:
Web and Alexia share a connection through work chats. Her being FBI, him being a man with one name. His no real name or past doesn’t enter that shared relationship. Alexia’s Asperger’s doesn’t interfere in her job as a member of the Investigator Team for the EROP Unit. Web has no problem navigating around her need for heads-up before plans are changed or the meltdowns when she’s afraid.
Web, the Clubs and Alexia’s outed Director of the FBI dad, learn how deep Alexia feels with some help from the Alpha-Bits and her new connections to the familiar Protectors from New England.

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