Attack of the Lesbian Lass Ness Monster

Helena Pipkins and her two adult daughters, London and Sydney, move into a new lake home that seems too good to be true.
It is too good to be true.
They only have one neighbor, but what a neighbor she is. Wealthy and wicked, Robina Walker hosts wild BDSM-style lesbian orgies on her beach next to the Pipkins’ new home.
London can’t take her eyes off the neighborhood orgy. Soon she can’t take her hands off herself. She’s heterosexual, but, uh….
London enters the jaws of the new neighborhood’s dominant lesbian’s mansion to get Robina Walker to stop the outdoor orgies. She does not suspect she will soon be at the mercy of a different set of jaws, allegedly belonging to a mythical lake creature Robina calls the Lass Ness Monster.
Whatever it is, it is certifiably lesbian and hungry for London Pipkins. Hungry for one part of her in particular.
London goes over to stop the lesbian orgies, but she may become the main dish!

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