Animal Parts

Justice for spirits, survival against monsters.

When a cougar attacks hikers near his reservation, Cochiti Pueblo Policeman Peter Romero tracks and destroys the rogue cat. Matters turn bizarre when the carcass disappears and he finds the animal’s spirit sitting on his bed at home demanding justice for the death of his family by poachers. Romero cannot believe what he sees or hears, but is thrust into the investigation when the illegal hunters kill local game wardens.
The poachers’ trail gets hot when Romero uncovers a cult of Native American cannibals stalking the Southwest. An Oklahoma Cheyenne family suffers from the dreaded Windigo Psychosis, a malady that makes cannibals of the afflicted and transforms them into ravenous monsters who eat everyone they encounter.
FBI Special Agent Jean Reel wants to believe Romero, but despite her Cherokee heritage, has no choice but to stick to FBI protocol. Romero realizes he is on his own. Worse, he discovers that he, not Cougar, has been the target all along.
With the dog jaws of a windigo crushing his neck, Romero has seconds to live. He uses his spiritual powers to consult the spirit of a long-dead hunter of the monsters who says the only solution is to change the course of history by killing the mother of all windigos. Will Romero stop the psychotic cannibals? Will he survive?

David E Knop

David E. Knop is a retired Marine officer with twenty years of service. He saw two tours in Vietnam as an artillery forward observer and naval gunfire support officer. As a staff officer, he wrote and edited numerous military operations plans. Dave also authored feature articles for the Field Artillery Journal and Marine Corps Gazette. In civilian life, Dave became a technical writer and produced many electronic and automotive manuals for industry leaders such as SAIC and Computer Sciences Corporation. Dave’s work for the Eighth Air Force received an award of excellence in a Northern California Society of Technical Communications competition. An alumnus of Book Passage Mystery Writer’s workshops, Taos Institute of the Arts, Maui Writer’s Retreats, Dave is a lifelong student of Native American mythology.

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