A Sun Going Down

Amidst talk of an uprising on a distant island, the young warrior Jonas Rowan encounters a deadly assassin within the great walls of Lawtone Castle itself.
If the warmonger referred to only in whisper as Kortahn believes even the tides of the Leonard Ocean are unable to keep him from claiming the throne, then the great kingdom must send her finest to extinguish his threat. Travelling alongside his fellow brothers of the blade, Rowan carries the burden of knowing he alone must also locate and judge Siersa, the pale bride of Kortahn himself.

In the name of the goddess, once wicked men will seek redemption whereas others desire nothing more than to see the most powerful of kingdoms burn. Fate will challenge all notions of love and honour as bargains are made far from the light of a burning fire. The lives of many will be decided by the conflict of two men, each willing to die for their ideals.

A SUN GOING DOWN captures the legend of heroes during their darkest hour.

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