A Crime Story: A Mother-Daughter Cozy Mystery

Stuff happens; Clair is divorced, broke, and trying to get to Hollywood to become a screenwriter. Her near-teenage daughter Mindy hates the idea, but when they are almost killed in an accident and the car suffers a breakdown, they find themselves stranded in a small town.

Clair and Mindy decide to use their downtime to write a make-believe crime story and inadvertently start digging into a twenty-year-old unsolved murder that still haunts the town. The townspeople take sides as old wounds reopen. The killer re-emerges in a town full of potential suspects, and a ghostly encounter adds a chilling touch.

Was it fate or coincidence that drew the mother and daughter into danger? Can Clair and Mindy survive their ordeal? Or will they become new victims of a murderer who is deadly serious when it comes to keeping their secret safe?

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