A Bad Place to Be a Hero

“There is no bigger bastard than a man who thinks he’s a hero.”

Thessa is a young noblewoman who has an unfortunate run-in with a werewolf on her engagement night. Lokenn is a fugitive necromancer, out to restore the reputation of his maligned art. Corlis is an innkeeper nursing a dying aunt amidst rapidly mounting debts. And around them all, a dirty city hides a web of even dirtier secrets.

In a string of bad luck and worse decisions, the three of them end up getting arrested and neck deep in an investigation they had nothing to do with. Soon enough, they’re dining with crime lords, skulking in warehouses, and occasionally bleeding in alleys. The powers that be give them three days to find answers─but the real question is whether they can stand each other that long.

“Compelling and complex” ─ “Intense and thrilling” ─ Find out what the editors of Reedsy Discovery and Literary Titan loved about this award-winning fantasy mystery!

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