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“You made a huge difference to my 0.99 cent promotion with continuous tweets – Thank you!”
Jackie Parry
Author of #1 Bestselling Travel Book
With many books to promote, I’m glad you have a proven track record and can do it for me. I’m always happy for the help and you always do a great job. I think I have 11 or 12 books with you this month. Consistency is key for me. You never let me down. Thanks, BookPings!
L. Ann Marie
Bestselling Indie Author on Amazon.
“Thank you for promoting our book. We are so excited and just made Amazon #1 Bestseller.”
Carol Plummer
Author and Practitioner at EEM by Carol

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Reach Up to 128,000 plus New Readers with Our Book Promotion Service. Our Book Promotion Service Includes following in all plans:

  • Feature on The Homepage of BookPings.com and the book will be listed permanently on the site.
  • Daily Up To 8 (Eight) Tweets Sent Across To 108,380+ Followers on Twitter for up to 7 Days with the bookstore link of your choice (Amazon, BN, Kobo, etc.)
  • We post the Book listings to over 21,876 Facebook users from our official page
  • Each plan includes a custom banner with your book’s cover, making it visually captivating for potential readers.

Enroll today and witness the power of a compelling ad that leads readers straight to your literary masterpiece! Currently we have 2 book promotion plans.

  • BASIC PROMOTION for $20 one time payment (USD): This plan includes a total of 40 Promotional Tweets (Daily 8 Tweets for 5 days to over 108,380+ readers) with a professionally designed banner. It also includes 1 Book Blog with permanent listing on our website and 1 Facebook post.
  • ADVANCED PROMOTION for $25 one time payment (USD): This plan includes a total of 56 Promotional Tweets (Daily 8 Tweets for 7 days to over 108,380+ readers) with a professionally designed banner. It also includes 1 Book Blog with permanent listing on our website and 1 Facebook post.

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  • Promotion fee is one time payment Featured listings on our social media and 30 days of promotion on twitter.
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  • You will be redirected to our SSL Secure PayPal payment gateway.
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We use captivating visuals and positive vibes to connect you with new readers. We post a customized promotional banners for sharing your book in our Social Media Posts and Stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your query is not listed below, please reach out. We want to hear from you.

Our book promotion service involves promoting your book on our social media networks, particularly Twitter. We create daily shout-outs, along with eye-catching tweets featuring the in-line image of your book cover, to maximize exposure and engagement.

We promote a wide range of books across various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, young adult, and more. Our goal is to provide a diverse selection to cater to different reader interests.

Our marketing experts will design the promotional tweets and content based on the information gathered from your book link. However, we welcome any specific preferences or suggestions you may have, and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.

To submit your book for promotion, simply fill out the submission form on our website. Provide the link to your book, and our marketing experts will gather the necessary details to create compelling promotional content.

Along with our book promotion service, we offer additional marketing and promotional services such as author interviews, blog features, and newsletter promotions. These services can further enhance your book’s visibility and reach

While our book promotion service aims to increase your book’s visibility and reach, we cannot guarantee specific sales or reviews. However, our strategies are designed to attract potential readers and generate engagement, increasing the likelihood of sales and reviews.