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The Misunderstood Heroic Villain

by Michael Aldinger
by Tom Julian
by Candace Gish
by Robert Joncas
by Joseph Lewis
by Derrick E. Whitfield
by Deen Ferrell, Illustrated by Thomas Leavitt
by Billy Sledge
by Rachel K Stone

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You made a huge difference to my 0.99 cent promotion with continuous tweets.

Jackie Parry

Author of #1 Bestselling Travel Book

I am thrilled with your service! It’s been a month and I see significant improvement in my sales. You’re verbiages are so creative and engaging. I’m so happy that I just referred two of my author friends to you!

Cathy Turney

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Thank you for promoting our book. We are so excited and just made Amazon #1 Bestseller

Carol Plummer

Web Consultant and Author

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The Misunderstood Heroic Villain

In pixels' demise, a gamer's rebirth as a misunderstood villain-hero.

The heart knows what the mind cannot see

Journey within: Discover wisdom, transform challenges, rewrite your narrative.


Timberwolf races to stop a cloned nemesis, facing universal annihilation.

The Root of All Evil: A Clara and Iris Mystery (Book 3)

Clara and Iris: Unraveling injustice in a web of deception.

The heart knows what the mind cannot see

Embark on a transformative journey to self-discovery and empowerment.

Grow Your Leadership

Embark on a journey where triumphs unfold, leadership stories inspire.

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